Do You Realize How Much You Could Save by Switching to a Friendly Insurance Provider?

Doesn't matter if it's car or home insurance. If you're currently paying your provider, you owe it to yourself to check and compare how much you can save with a better provider. While each case is different, we believe you'll have that aha moment when realizing how much you could have saved over the years.

Homeowners' insurance policies usually cover several perils, including fire, wind/hail/storm damage, theft and vandalism. The standard homeowner's policy also often provides personal liability coverage, which can help protect you if you are sued because of a claim against your home. Personal injury coverage can cover you for injuries resulting from a covered peril. Property insurance covers the value of your home, possessions, and personal belongings up to a certain amount.

Suppose you own property in an area with high-risk insurance rates by the state or federal government. In that case, you must obtain homeowner's insurance from an insurer "committed" to writing these policies. Read more

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